Comet 550 cover transparant

XCovers ASPComet550
Comet 550 cover transparant
Xcovers Series - Protect your lights, see more, style - We got you covered

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Xcovers - Protect your lights, also when the lights are on!

The light protection covers of Xcovers are One of a Kind. Available in multiple (transparant) colors these covers are produced in Australia and tested from the dusty and hot environment of the Australian Outback to the polar winters in northern Scandinavia.

Choose blank transparant for protection, blue to make halogen light shine bright white, yellow for fog conditions or for the classic looks and choose amber for winter driving or driving in dust. Xcovers offer you a multitude of opportunities.

Easy attachment to the lights with a perfect fit make sure these covers product your lights for ages against stones and tarmac.

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  • Series - Xcovers
  • Accessory - Other accessories
  • Merk - Universeel