U Universal  -  Lamp holder clamp, ¸70mm
  • U Universal  -  Lamp holder clamp, ¸70mm

U Universal - Lamp holder clamp, ø70mm

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product name:U Universal - Lamp holder clamp, ø70mm
Additional info:All METEC accessories are manufactured from high-quality, stainless chrome-nickel (Cr-Ni) steel. We are not simply talking chrome or nickel plating, which environmental influences or mechanical faults could strip from our products, but chrome and nickel as part of the metal alloy. Its high sheen is achieved through mechanical polishing using specialist tools and pastes.

We construct our products based entirely on your vehicle, taking its shape and fitting options into account and observing all EU regulations and guidelines. The set includes everything you need in the way of assembly material and installation instructions. When it comes to our products we pay more than the usual attention to convenience of installation – making it as quick as possible, with no drilling or welding – and opportunities for adding all kinds of other accessories like extra lights, crankcase protection and winches.

For off-road vehicles and vans our products are always model-specific. This means that we never compromise on product design or convenience of installation, even if some models at first glance and size-wise appear to be very similar. There have only ever been a few exceptions here, with products that are identical in terms of the construction of the bodywork being sold under different brand names.

For trucks we design and manufacture both universal (suitable for all makes) and model-specific products. As a rule, wheel discs, compressed air horns, lamps and underride guards can be installed on all vehicles. 
In contrast, front bumpers, lamp brackets and muffler systems depend very much on the shape of the vehicle’s bodywork details and existing fitting options, and that is we they are produced individually for each type of vehicle.

In the webshop you can see the products that are part of our programme highly polished.
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